Decorate Your New Home with Modern Furniture Themes

Very few experiences in life are as exciting as the chance to fully decorate your new home or apartment. You get to choose exactly how everything will look from the color of the walls to the style of decor that will decorate every room. One of the most important choices to any interior design project is the choice of furniture you’ll be using.

Some people choose Western themes; others like antique. Personally, I’m a huge fan of modern furniture and its clean cut lines, simple colors and lack of complex ornamentation and carvings. Modern styled furniture is just so natural, elegant and sophisticated.

What makes modern furniture so popular is the different individual styles it exhibits within an overall theme. Before you make a final decision on how your home is going to be decorated take some of these other furniture styles into account:

Retro – While popular, it is definitely not for everyone. Retro is influenced by mid-20th century designs. The shapes are irregular, but does have clean cut, rounded lines. The colors are what you would expect from retro furniture in that you’ll find lots of reds, greens, oranges and yellows.

Urban style modern furniture – These pieces of furniture are often the most recognizable. Characterized by bold and striking clean cut lines, their simple natural shapes are typical of modern style. You’ll also find that the main color is black used in combination with white and bright striking colors.

Casual contemporary style – Famous for its rounded lines, which is in stark contrast to the bold lines of urban styles. However, the main differences between these two styles are colors and materials. Casual contemporary colors are more relaxed and softer. Casual contemporary furniture is usually found in beige, cream and other natural colors.

Art deco – The final piece on this list is by far the most lavish. Art deco is famous for its large pieces and decorative items, such as sofas, tables, beds and wardrobes. Most pieces are made from wood with a medium to dark finish. The beauty of Art deco comes form the decorative and colorful items which adorn the furniture.